Description of services

Construction of access roads and mining roads: We can assist you in the planning and construction of access roads for drills, the transportation of equipment or any other temporary access needs, be it in winter or summer.

Road maintenance: We help you to keep your roads in good condition and to remain proactive to ensure that traffic flows unimpeded and safely when moving on your project site, regardless of the season.

Transportation of bulk material: We are equipped to load, transport and spread surface materials for your roads.

Mechanized brush clearing: An interesting time-saving option at the start of a project to facilitate access and for drilling or camp sites.

Stripping, excavations: We have various models of excavators that can accomplish all of the types of excavation work required for a project.

Civil works: This category includes infrastructure projects, the installation of culverts, transitions, insertions, the digging of ditches (drainage, trenches, etc.).

Environmental work: The environmental component of your projects will be well covered with bank stabilizations, the installation of septic tanks and other related work.

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